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What is a cookie?

Our website uses cookies (small text files) to store information about your visit to our website on your computer, phone, or any other device. We may collect information about your use of our site. Cookies are necessary to facilitate navigation and make it more friendly, harmless to your computer.

In this policy, cookies are referred to as the primary method of storing information on this site, however, the “local storage space” of the browser can also be used for the same purposes. Hence, all the information contained in this section relates to this “local storage”. Cookies are used to optimize your shopping experience as well as the functionality of our website. Our website will send a cookie to your computer when you visit, which allows us to recognize your device.

In order for the site to function properly, cookies must provide basic functionality. Some cookies allow you to add products to your cart as you browse the different pages of the site.

Cookies help improve the quality of the services offered by the site. They collect information (including the IP address) about how the site is used, so that we can improve its accessibility.

The information we collect is used to:

  • Create aggregate and anonymous statistics about the site’s use;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of our ads and the source site you used to access our site;
  • Providing feedback to ensure careful selection of third parties;
  • Recognize errors;
  • If you wish to return, provide access to additional services or restore your shopping list.

Why do we use cookies?

To keep your options in mind:

  • authentication;
  • Browser settings and plug-ins;
  • Store user information on our site.

How will they help you?

Your settings tell us what equipment you use by memorizing them. Our site is tailored to give you the best user experience. To make your experience even better, we collect data about how you browse through it. The data we collect is statistical and not personally identifiable.

Data collected from this site will not be associated with any other personally identifiable information collected from any other source. In order to detect fraud, we must keep the above data even after you stop using our site. We will only store the above information for as long as you use our site.

How long are our cookies active?

Our cookies are installed for a period of 30 days; of course, they can be manually removed earlier.


Identification and authentication cookies

By using these cookies, the user does not have to repeat the authentication process on the site, and certain processes are accelerated.

1.  User identification

They are used to identify and authenticate the user. They also contain technical data about the user’s session, such as, for example, logins, session identifier, etc.

  • HTTP session

Identifies the user’s HTTP session.

2.    Browsing cookies

These cookies are used in the user’s browsing session, “remembering” the chosen options, the pages of the website already visited, etc.

  • Shopping cart

Stores shopping cart information during the purchase process: the date and time the cookie was last processed, the store ID, and a list of items and quantity identifiers that the user wants to add to the shopping cart to buy them.

3.    Cookies for browsing analysis

This type of cookie collects information about the user’s visits to the website (not its content), and this collected information will later be used for statistical purposes.

  • Google Analytics (third party cookie)

Cookies of this type allow Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, to monitor website visits by users. In addition to the number of visits to the website, the date of the user’s first and last visit, the duration of the visits, the page from which the user accessed the website, what search engine the user used to find the website or what link he clicked, from where in the world the user accessed the site, etc.

Configuring these cookies is predetermined by Google’s service, which is why we suggest that you consult the Google Analytics privacy page,, to get more information about the cookies they use and how they can be disabled (it is understood that we are not responsible for the content of websites belonging to third parties nor for its veracity).

How to avoid cookies?
The settings in your browser can be changed to restrict cookies, but this may compromise the functionality of your website and the user experience.
For more information about cookies, including how to view their settings and how to manage and delete them, please visit
You may not be able to access certain parts of our site if you delete and block cookies.

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