Azurfa is a 925 sterling silver and gemstone jewelry brand aiming to make luxury affordable for its customers. The idea is to promote handmade artisanal silver jewelry that brings out joy in the wearer.


Azurfa Jewelry is a family run business started in 2001. The idea was to bring about the beauty of natural gemstones through minimal jewelry and create handcrafted timeless pieces such that every piece was unique in its own way and brought about a great deal of happiness to the wearer. Jewelry is regarded as luxury, but we at Azurfa are focused on making it an everyday effortless essential.

We are also dedicated towards making Azurfa an environment friendly brand by creating sustainable hand crafted jewelry, working with local materials and artisans. From our early days of shooting our own photos and packaging every order ourselves, to a fast-growing company with a team of more than 50, our values have remained the same. We are based in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India) and ship around the globe.

We are committed to perfection and detail along with maintaining high quality of the metal. We understand the need to personally cater to each client and still focus on that. We started Azurfa with a passion for genuine gemstones, and a vision to change the game and strive towards it every single day.


Sustainably made – we do everything with sustainability at the front of our minds. We use recycled silver and our jewelry can last the wear and tear of everyday life. We are against fast fashion – we don’t believe in making pieces that you only wear once and then toss. All of our packaging is recyclable (plastic free!).

Hypoallergenic – Our sterling silver handcrafted pieces are safe for sensitive skin. The jewelry is very durable which make it a perfect gift and is suitable to all skin types.

Free shipping & easy returns – we offer free US shipping, and even offer free returns if you choose store credit. We also offer free international shipping – (Canada – $125+, international – $250+). Read more about our shipping policy.

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